7th January 2012 The Colourpoint Cat Club

This was my 1st show, Lilly-May had a great day, she got a red card day 1st CC winning her open as well as her side classes. Well done Lilly-May!

Lenny had a great 1st show, 1st CC winning his open and 2 of his side classes 2nd in the other.

11th February 2012 Croydon Cat Club

Lenny had a fantastic day, he won his open 2nd CC & BOB 1st in one of his side classes, then went on to win BOV (best persian adult) Well done Lenny!

Lilly-may got a 2nd on her open and a 1st in one of her side classes.

17th March 2012 Surrey & Sussex cat Association

Lenny made  Champion today, in 3 straight shows, he won his open 3rd CC & BOB 1st & 2nd in his side classes. What a brilliant day. Very Well done to Lenny!

Anais won her 1st CC and 1st in one of her side classes. Good 1st show for Anais. Well done!


 28th April 2012 Bedford & District Cat Club

The Cambridgeshire Cat Club, double show

Anais Made Champion today, in 3 straight shows, she won her 2nd & 3rd CC & 2 BOB, I think she will be happy, not to go again, as she doesn't really like the shows.

Lenny got 2 Grand CC's  he is so laid back and doesn't seem to mind the shows.


28th July 2012 Kensington Cat Club

Lenny Got his last Grand CC today, Making him Grand Champion.

I'm so proud of Lenny, such a star!

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